For short-term traders and moderately active swing futures traders. Markets covered: S&P 500 T-notes Dollar Euro Gold Silver Crude Oil Bitcoin Futures.

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Morning Report


Specific Trading Strategy

Overnight News Assessments

Major Calendar Updates

Pre-opening comments for included markets

Elliot Wave Cycle Breakdowns

Big Picture Perspectives and Developments

Afternoon Report


Specific Trade Recommendations

Daily Comments and Analysis

Elliot Wave Cycle Breakdowns

Weekly Chart Outlook

Big Picture Perspectives and Developments

Intraday Updates


Day and Swing Trading Strategy Updates

Quick Support and Resistance Pattern Analysis

Realtime Delivery

Daily volume of reports and updates may increase or decrease to align with market volataility

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What Makes Fortucast Different

Key Cycle Timing Signals

Gann research and hidden secrets plus in-depth Elliott Wave research provide insights beyond traditional models

5 Types of Cycle Analysis

With 23 years of experience we are not faked by the same traps and false signals that many other analysts fall into

Specific Trade Recommendations

Proprietary timing models help to filter out ambiguous patterns and indicate market strength or weakness during intraday periods, as well as trends for a particular market day or week

Key Summaries

Summarizes and highlights most important news developments and their potential impact

Long Term Recommendations

Long Term guidance to help grow and protect your portfolio

Pre-opening comments

Nightly Publishes with Intraday Updates available